The Online Family Mania

Whenever I open the doors of my laptop, I find Skype already sitting there wide awake, like an unwelcome guest while all others are standing in queue, waiting for an invitation or call. ‘Skype’ is that one guy who automatically assumes that you are his best friend, or you like/love him. It pains my heart to choose the option ‘Quit Skype’, and say ‘NO’ to him. Then, you realise there is a fight going on among browsers to become the default browser for you. Every time you open, not that ‘special’ browser of yours, it takes you in khopcha and asks, rather begs, you to please make them your default browser. I have to break another heart before moving on.

Next destination is Gmail and some horrible things are happening here.  Overnight, spammers had a lot of fun and party in your inbox. But, they forgot to take along their nonsense and now, you are on your own to clean your gmail-room. Phew! Facebook, that way, is a great host. You login, it asks you warmly, “What’s on your mind?” Or, hey wait! Facebook, are you flirting?! But yes, it’s clingy and you can’t leave it that easily. Before you delete your facebook account, it asks you to enter a Captcha that looks like an unreadable devil but if you use a magnifying lens, you will see that it’s a collection of alphabets. And, if you don’t have a lens, then God bless you! No sweetie, you can’t get out of here so simply, come on, give me a smile and tell me “What’s on your mind”. If you are a blogger on wordpress, did you notice that when you enter a wrong password, how the wordpress login page shakes its head left-right saying, “No baby, that’s a wrong one!”


The online family photo

Come to your phone and its ‘apps’ world. Every App is eager to know your location so that whenever they are travelling ‘that’ side, they can come over to your place for a cup of chai! And, if you don’t let them access your location, they are like, “You no trust me? Then, you don’t have any right to download me.” Aww, no it’s not that! They ask you to rate them, give them 5 stars, and that too, before you even use them. Like, say a restaurant asks its customers to fill a feedback form before you enter it! And your adorable whatsapp, it will spy on your last seen but is gracious and protective enough to let people not know ‘last seen with whom?’ How caring, no?

And, hundreds of other things! No doubt, the online world is enough to keep you hooked all day. But, I want to lock up the houses for now. I need to take my evening stroll, away from this maddening addictive virtual world. After all, no drug is better than meeting reality and real people, or is there? See you around!